Feb 28, 2010

the trend

Feb 26, 2010

city girl

leopard print legging,online shop
long loose tees , gift
sunglasses,mom's own
black gladiator , FLADEO
all bangles,my sister's own->mostly jogja product
gold necklace,mom's own
once upon a time,there's a girl called Cierra, she's a girl who lives in a forest. one day she figures out that behind all of that trees there's a city called Jakarta. she's very happy right there. until she knows that the pattern of her friend's fur (dunlond) is now the trend.
Feb 23, 2010

i need some spot light

                                                                                leopard talks

is it always this good?

a simple jeans jacket or even shirt, will bring out your inner coolness. 

Feb 21, 2010

party last night

"when you walk in front of a lot of animal you'll feel you're smart. but when you walk in front of someone you like .. keep that word on your mouth"
"we are human,we need some rest.
 don't you always study and work .
 it will makes you stressed.
 get some fun,take a chance. 
let's go to party and don't be shame."
1. silver dress: DAFFA CO.Y
2. silver shoes : GINAROSSI
3. mask : EVENT GIFT
Feb 20, 2010

black jack

i know black is kinda gothic,but you'll look sweet with it. mix it with gold and you'll look elegant. mix it with pinks then you'll look edgy. mix it with green for the fashion experiment. :)

what i wore:
1.zipper dress,NADIA
2. vintage heels ,BALLY
3.sling bag, gift
Feb 18, 2010

wish me luck

i'm going to face newscasting competition..  the point is please pray and wish i'll win:) i love you guys. and i need your help. i've practice everyday
Feb 17, 2010

beware of leopard !

                          what i wore:
1.leopard print shirt: BIAGGINI
2.suede studded bag ,gift -find it in bali:-)
3.clown elstic pants, easy founds!
4.gold flat , converse
5.stripe red glasses,blok m 
6.PARIS scarf,gift
7.gold necklace(which i put on my shirt),mom's own

Feb 16, 2010

give me some rest

hey all,think that i'm kinda sick right now. even if i'm still going to school i feel like i had a fever. that's why can't post much AGAIN:'((but really when i'm healthy i will POST MUCH!!. oh yeeah! always fill my shoutmix guys:)

FYI: i'll post another winter wear. the sheep's fur coat and the leopard shirt. super cool :p (ASAP )
that's why,wait for me !!

Feb 14, 2010

movies all day long

hey girls,morning. i mean whatever you are girls/boys. hahaha. yesterday i had a super cool sleepover with my cousins. they're qhansa,renata,and icha. but, suddenly the cabelvision is broken.  what i mean is "broken" which it can't be on. hello! we're here to have some fun. until we had an idea to watch movie all day long. @ 10 a.m we went to PIM(kinda mall in Jakarta) with my aunt also.we ate gelatissimo and kebab. yuummm:3 mostly the macadamia flavour! okay,that's what i've done. but actually what i want to talk about is about "SHOPAHOLLIC MOVIE" . that movie that i watched when i'm arrived at my cousin's house is rockin' cool!!! isla fisher is super cute. with her patterned coat and furry blazer. loving her:) okay okay,but sometimes i feel like she looks like amy adams,which plays ENCHANTED. a musical fairy tale ++ movie that is so inspiring. and do you know? that before we all fall asleep we watched SLEEP OVER movie which is naturally hmm,great!! and in the morning we watched ENCHANTED,uh what a cute movie. lovely.
Feb 12, 2010

winter wear #2

what i wore:
1.furry animal print coat ,U.S.A
2.stripe tanktop , warehouse
3.black tights,mangga dua
4. brown caramel gladiator , st.Yves
5.triangle sling bag,Aigner 
6.purple plain scarf , grandma gift

here's the zoom of my cutest coat


what if we start the "war"?

lady gaga is awesome. ke$ha rocks! what if you should decide which one is better? I REALLY CONFUSED. on this section i pick ke$ha for the fashionista,but for the out standing fashion icon i'll always vote for GAGA! um,sorry i'll post my reason later. gotta go to rest
**continue from up
okay okay i know that GAGA is super cool! but i think that sometimes she's too far from the normal style. for the bow hairstyle that she made i'll give her "two thumbs up" they're very cute. instead of buying accessories you can use your own hair. but, i really don't like when gaga dress up her hair like what?? in oprah.  it's too freak. look at this:

what is happening with her? eeeew,hate her on this style !! but not on this:
i know it's the old gaga,but i love it. SO WHAT? she looks more natural here. but now? wowowow,can't stop talking about her. let's take a break. wanna have some hot chocolate?cause i'm so thirsty talking with you guys:p(drinking.......)   now back to the topic-> gaga is awesome but,think that she's too out of the box. 
now KE$HA,she's no wonder rockin' fashion!!! her styles looks great. i feel like she wanted to be the next gaga looks a like(except cuter?) while gaga wants to be the next madonna. hello! you guys do what you can do!! don't you copy copy copy and copy what somebody have done. i'm super stuck with that statement cause i used to be like that. every time  i see someone's fashion blog i'll always obessed to be like them. but not for now,i do whatever i can:). ke$ha have the most stylish effortless style on the street for me. why not? look at this:
she's super cool hah? actually that kawaii black top is only a regular hoody, but cause she mix it with that kinda boots it looks super awesome.and lets re-check 
is that a bag pack?
oh no! why did you use that ke$ha? but,no matter you're cool ,so what?!
and i think i really can't decide which one is better..cause they're great in the different way. how about you?comment this post and i'll wait for your opinion:)

taylor momsen style

this girl is so perfect! loving her style. but not with her short hair. she looks so bad on that hair. 
i really likes her edgy style when she wears her coat. she looks amazing.and uuh so bad on that pinky dress. that dress just like a sleeping wear.but her boots were rockin' cool!! i also like her effortless style with those pattern shirt . the pinky dress is actually glamorous. but,she add nothing to it so it looks so plain:( sorry momsen,but that's too bad. one tips for that style:
add some kind of belt/leather jacket. or even some lacey tights.


Feb 8, 2010

miss me on 4 days

hey guys,think that you'll miss me on this 4 days. cause i'm goung to have block exam,and i can't open my pc. duh, i know it's so sad :'). but,don't worry, i'm going to post more later. you want me to prove it? just click on the "what's next ?" text above and you'll know what i'll post later.
bye c:
Feb 4, 2010

mix it warmly


hello everybody,well i'm kinda cold right now but for you everything is okay. well,now i'm just gonna do it 'to the point ' .what i wore:
-patterned dress=melawai 
-bally vintage bag=my mom's
-coco gladiator=bali
-mint blouse=mint
Feb 3, 2010

tutu fever

morning people!,haha actually i don't know what time will you open my blog. okay,right now i'm going to discuss about "TUTU" . if you don't know tutu is a kind of ballet skirt. which is so pretty. many people feels that wearing tutu is so weird. look at this girl :
she play's as "Tami" on another cinderella story with selena gomez. look at her,she's so stylish. while sometimes she looks so freak. she wears tutu when she goes to school. me,myself can't even imagine about that. but.... the fact is that 'dustin' likes her. okay whatever it is my point is 'wearing tutu is not weird,it's FULL CUTE. if you don't believe it try this tutu style* for hangout,and everybody will love it!
*pick warm color for your tutu,such as:brown,black,and maroon. so,you can easily mix it with another color.

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