Mar 24, 2010

play your color

it was a long time a go since they found crayola,
in my dream world,there's a group of inventors that called"enventor:" they're so kind that i have to treat them an oatmeal cookies everyday. one day they found a rainbow and imagine how they could make it as a daily clothes. by doing more than 1000 experiments,they found a color crayola. it's a stick of colors  that you can use it as a make up,textile color and so much more. that's why,i'm going to say thanks to "enventors" by using their inventions
Mar 16, 2010


hello guys. how r u today? hahaa i'm  super happy today  cause today is holiday-.- even if it's only a day. i'm kinda confused right now. many of my friends planned that they'll move to another school. duuh,don't all of you know how i'll miss you here? hmm well,kinda bored and you know what? i went to BRIGHTSPOT MARKET. and right there,everything cools were makes me :') aaaaaaaah,i don't know how to say it. but it feels like my heart's melting just like a chocolate truffle on my mouth. "hello this place is too great to be true". but so sad that some items is too pricey,and when i step on the first meter of that place i feel like " oh no people were so stylish,and me? i feel like i'm the most un stylish person there,and i'm a kiddy,still shy to ask the price,quality ,etc. oooh but really you should come to that place:)".  i'll share some photo of my activity right now!

1.eating Harvest Cookie pack! yumm:3 super yummy

2.taking some useless photo (it's taken after my school's show) love again with her fringe backpack

4.having her broken sunglasses that turns into an old school glasses

5.getting FAT because of those things,but whatever that chocolate is yummy:3

6.missing her best birthday:')

Mar 14, 2010

i give you award

well i'll tag this award to:

tag it to another fashion blogger, but remember FASHION BLOGGER.
and FYI,this award is made by me. :-)

Mar 13, 2010

sweet & edgy,it could be me

curly shoulder blouse,mint
creamy tank top,cheap found
dark blue tights,light-usa
vintage shoes,bally

u know what?actually this is a formal look. but,when a jeans "play", bye bye formal,hello denim!
jeans could make your day brighter,make your style better,and feels comfortable :-)

casual always win

dodger baseball shirt,brother's-usa
tank top,sister's
alladin pants,easy found
rainbow sneakers,converse
paris scarf,grandma's
well,i'm tired of being girly,now it's time for me to show what i feel inside my heart. hello,i'm still kiddy:p need some fun. and i think that a simple style and colorful things could fill my day and makes me smile

(i wear a lipgloss :*)

zip it quickly

zipper leopard dress,online shop
black tanktop,sister's own
sling-pull bag,givenchi
knitted cardigan,gift
bow hair clip,artKea
bangles,sister's own
white wedges,gift
well,hello guys. this is my sweet leopard outfits. is it cute enough? hmm need your comment dear readers!! at first i thought that i'll make it wild and naughty,but that style is too much! so i made the opposite of it:)
Mar 12, 2010


hmm hello guys! how r u today?ahhaaa actually i'm really tired after doing the "TITIK CAHAYA SHOW" ,that show is super cool. it  seems like a real drama. give some applause to all my friends and proudly my school:)
okay okay,i know that my latest post isn't about me / my style. but i promise ! this saturday i'll post my look/fashion spread here. with more effect and larger size. (well thats what kak bena asked me to do,and think that it's a great idea) . and i'll give an award for some fashion blogger (shhh,secret:p) the clue items for next post is still leopard. just wait, cause i need the best time and weather to take a shoot. really love you guys:)

*sorry for the latest shoutmix that says:admin only,i canceled to make it private. and now you can fill my shoutmix chat widget again:-)

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