Jun 23, 2010

one stop shoot!

okay dear everybody,i realized that i'm too focus with my new hobby so that i kinda forget my blog. but!really,deep deep inside my heart*too much*i always think that.."okay my blog,how are u?" and i was like "i'm going to post something new" but suddenly my mood decrease..and i really forgot about my blog. many ideas i have but no one matches my heart:( and now i'm going to represent you..ONE STOP SHOOT. which contains a lot of photo shoot. but in this post i'm not alone. i'm supported with my adorable cousin aqiila&and qhansa!they're super cool guys.and by the way i had a post with qhansa too;) if i'm not wrong it's my oldest post:$..

 the image above is qhansa!

 while this one is...AQIILA!

g'bye all,have a g'day;)

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