Nov 6, 2010

a pinch of salt , the life tips

a boy , a man , a girl , a woman . . . . . humans.
well, when we are right , me might have a chance to win. But, what if we're in the wrong side? what if we're 
100 % guilty ? what if..? 
if you wanna know what it feels being a guilty person . . .  
just imagine when you put a kilogram of something in your chest, 
and you can't breathe.. and something stuck on your heart..
there's something you wanna tell but you can't, 
when your heart beat goes fast and faster , it means that you are nervous..
and when you are nervous it means that . . .
you are absolutely  . . .
guilty .
it's not cool being wrong, and it's not good to keep those words inside your heart. . .
well, an apology will be your best solution.
every time, everywhere , when you're wrong. .
just say " i'm sorry , and i wish you will accept my apology "
i'm sure the 'it' person will be 'melted' and ,
they'll start to think that being a rude person is not the best choice.
I don't know why do I post this words. 
but, I wish it will helps you guys to enjoy your day :)
remember, just do the best:)

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