Dec 27, 2010

Dear Diary,

Hey, it's been a long long time since I wrote my last diary. Well, I guess I had a little fun today. Me, Qhansa &Aqiila took A LOT of photos! FUN? right?!. That's why, I am going to present U guys..." THE METALLICA TRAGEDY ". It's a photo shoot. Which contains about rock, metallic, punk and like..hmm grungy style. wahahhaa what a new me?:-D they are:
I know it sounds crazy and awkward,but really, I love those photos.
Aqiila is our photographer. Her photography is 100% cool. She told us how to pose, where's the right position, bla..blaa... but really, she's doing it great!!
  • Lips pattern crop top-Gift from Jasmine!:cache cache
  • black tank top : sister's own
  • black skinny jeans : MANGO
  • pale pump heels - Gift from Aqiila& Qhansa : NINE STUDIO
  • all bangles&necklace : sister's own
  • all rayban : model's own
  • blue tank top : model's own
  • biker's jeans jacket : ( ...whoops..I forget..somewhere in Bandung)
  • the acid wash legging : online shop
  • brown country ankle boots : donatell
well, I know it's not a whole ROCK & ROLL ,but I guess, this post is enough to make sure that I'm not all the time girly, pink and yeaah you guys know it, right?:D

OOPS! this post will be continued....

what a crazy day...

okay diary, I guess, it's done,see ya:)


and, I'll thank you guys for reading this post. ♥ ♥

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