Oct 22, 2011

been baking, a lot.

lets say my three magic words : Fashion, Culinary and Beauty.
     1.Fashion: I LOVE fashion. first of all, its our daily needs and second it tells people about how artistic you are. or even hmm how creative you are?. well for me, fashion is a combination of 50% art, 20% passion and 30% of love. my fashion style is more like modern,simple but still sweet&edgy. i don't really like things that are too glamorous like sparkles, or things that are too gothic, hmm i just don't like something that's too much. for me, soft colors and the right kind of textile will be your fashion savior. it will never be wrong. you'll look flawlessly beautiful.

     2. Culinary: well, maybe some of my friends starts to know that i'm a CRAZY baker. i love to cook! but mostly i love to bake treats like sweets, desserts & snacks. I think cooking is a way to express your inner soul. and i think cooking is so useful, cause hmm lets just be realistic, you won't be able to survive without any food right? and would you rather spend the rest of your life just eating all the same boring food? i bet the answer is "No". yes that's right, cooking will make you be a more creative, innovative and also talented person! and here's some of my cooking result :

a red velvet cupcake is a  beautiful, moist and lovely cupcake + super yummy cream cheese frosting &topped with a flower shaped fondant.

my simply powerful granola bars with oatmeal,raisin,sesame seed ,chocolate chips and honey . healthy, chewy, crispy and yummy!

Chicken teriyaki + sesame and rice. a nice menu for lunch dinner or even .. breakfast:)
my mom's tuna spaghetti recipe. this one is spicy but still, Tasty!
my totally totally totally chocolate cupcake. Yumm! this is my favourite one! simply gorgeous !

my decorative cupcakes are colorful but still edible. it contains buttercream, chocolate and love .:)
      I also bake some American Style Chocolate Chip Cookies, brownies and meringue pie ! they're my favorite one! but unfortunately i didn't have any picture of my cookies,meringue pie or even my brownies :(
      Anyway, I guess i'm starting to take this "baking" thing seriously. I decided to spend my after-national exam holiday by joining a culinary course in some place around Jakarta. Any suggestion? :-)


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Valencia Maximillian said...

i love cupcakes! lovely posts, yum!



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