Jun 12, 2014

Summer Days

To me, personally, summer is all about fun activities. You can go out to the beach or go somewhere beautiful with your family, or probably you rather stay at home and watch movies and just enjoy the holiday that way? why not ? :)
an another tutorial I made for this summer! Hope you'll like it :)

Anyway, I am entering a contest with my best friend.  Please Help me LIKE this pic,every single LIKE matters! and If you do LIKE this pic, I wanna say thank you very very much I hope that god bless you :)
The link: https://secure.mramagazines.com/facebook/kilaufoxs/gallery/profile/421-jasmine

*PS: You need to be online on facebook to be able to LIKE the pic


Tanja S. said...

You're righ, summer is all about activities and having fun with people you like!

fany said...

hi kiara! i saw ur make up tutorial video! love it! i am still learning to use make up well but.. bingung bedain countour, highlight, and shading. haha. btw buat countouring pake produk apa dan bronze nya pake produk apa ya? thank you so much kiaraaa : still young and pretty yah! :):)

david cornelius towoliu said...

walau ga paham masalah make up but i see you looks good with your make up :) oh iya satu lagi keren juga blognya semoga bisa dikembangin lagi..


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