Jun 23, 2014


My FAVE top from this collection!
Look at the beautiful details, SO in love with it!!
Super cute tea party
These dresses are  NOT the All about rose collection
With Kak Nadissa from PT. Mitra Adi Perkasa
Super fresh & light no makeup, makeup

So, last Saturday I went to  Dorothy Perkins store in Central Park because I was invited to come to their tea party as a celebration of the launch of their new collection called "All About Rose". Personally, I think that this collection is so pretty and girly and so fresh in the same time. I love all of the tops and dresses and skirts they made and like we all know, Dorothy Perkins never dissapoint us. It is all well made and ugh its just way too pretty. Thanks again Dorothy Perkins for inviting me!

And I also have a new video up on my channel! Check it out :)

Jun 12, 2014

Summer Days

To me, personally, summer is all about fun activities. You can go out to the beach or go somewhere beautiful with your family, or probably you rather stay at home and watch movies and just enjoy the holiday that way? why not ? :)
an another tutorial I made for this summer! Hope you'll like it :)

Anyway, I am entering a contest with my best friend.  Please Help me LIKE this pic,every single LIKE matters! and If you do LIKE this pic, I wanna say thank you very very much I hope that god bless you :)
The link: https://secure.mramagazines.com/facebook/kilaufoxs/gallery/profile/421-jasmine

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Summer Nights


 The best things in life are actually the simplest ones. Having a quality time with your family is surely one of the best things yet it is actually so simple. Just hanging out together, talking,laughing and sharing stories would make great memories. I had a super fun quality time with my family last week, well, now you can tell that I have lovely cousins right? lol!

My Japanese Project with my class!

May 18, 2014

Pretending To Graduate

beautiful details :

Don't forget to take selfies when you're graduating. Have some fun !
No guys, I'm not graduating. But it is almost graduation for some of you who finished high school, junior high, college or even elementary. I hope this look will inspire you. Anyway, I'm wearing Kebaya because here, in Indonesia, when we graduate, we wear our beautiful traditional outfit. Well, this Kebaya, I wore it like two years ago for my junior high graduation. 

And for the makeup, I've uploaded a youtube video on how to do this super easy look. Make sure to watch it! And don't forget to Like, Comment & Subscribe to my channel as I am going to upload more tutorials in the future :) Click here to watch the vid!

May 8, 2014

the first step is always cleansing! I personally think that cleansing is mandatory. Without it, our face (which will be exposed to the sun and all those pollution) will get clogged and we do not want that! aku lagi suka banget pake Bless Cleansing foam ini, karena selain bener-bener ngangkat kotoran, this facial cleanser doesn't make my face break out! aku sering bgt cobain facial foam lain yang iklannya bikin penasaran, tapi ujung-ujungnya pasti malah selalu jerawatan deh:( kulitku ini tergolong combination but at the same time super sensitif. Jadi, kalo cuci mukanya gak pelan-pelan, atau formula sabunnya terlalu keras, pasti langsung kemerahan. Nah si Bless ini sama sekali gak bikin kemerahan dan setelah cuci muka rasanya muka tuh bener-bener lembut bgttt (no joking loh!). biasanya kan ada sabun cuci muka yang bikin muka berasa kenceng & kering tuh setelah dicuci, kalo ini nggaa, at all :)
sebagian orang suka pakai toner, tp I personally don't really use it unless i'm in super oily condition. hehe aku gak terlalu suka dengan rasa kering yang ditimbulin setelah pakai toner. That's why, instead of toner, i'm using this AWESOME product!! Kalian pasti udah familiar kan sama botol ini? either liat di instagramnya Aldo Akira, tutorialnya ka Harumi,or di drugstore-drugstore. Yes, this is Avene eau thermale spring water. At first, I thought that this thing won't make any difference until I tried it. Avene Eau Thermale ini bener-bener ngasih soothing effect ke muka dan bisa ngatasin kemerahan loh! aku pernah coba spray sebelum tidur pas lagi ada jerawat, and the next morning, the pimples are no longer red and they are starting to dry!how amazing?! selain itu, spray ini juga bisa dipake sebelum makeup untuk flawless more radiant finish (since it clears out the redness) dan juga untuk finishing makeup spray. aku suka banget spray ini ke muka pas makeup udah selesai, hasilnya makeup jadi lebih blend together and seems natural. pokoknya oke bgt deh :)

who doesn't hate panda eyes? sometimes, we do not realize it until we see it in pictures. Dulu aku gapernah peduli tentang mata panda, i don't even realize that i have one. until....pas aku liat foto aku and wow i look really tired :o sejak itu aku mulai deh nyentuh eye cream yg udah lama dibeli tapi jarang dipake ini hehe. I love love this Vitamin E eye cream from The Body Shop because I can actually see the results in few weeks. Asalkan rutin, pasti ngaruh kok. Aku pake ini sebelum moisturizer agar lebih terserap oleh kulit. And don't forget, jari yang dipakai untuk mengaplikasikan eye cream pasti jari manis ya, karena tekanannya rendah. Kalo pake jari yang lain (tekanannya tinggi) khawatir akan merusak lapisan kulit sekitar mata yang super tipis. Nanti bukannya fresh malah makin kerutan hahaha. oh iya, gerakannya memutar ke arah dalam ya, kaya gini:

MOISTURIZE! nah ini nih step yang sering banget di skip sama orang yang punya kulit berminyak. mereka bilang, kulitnya yang udah berminyak, gaperlu di kasih pelembab lagi, nanti malah tambah berminyak. salah besaaar! every skin type needs their own moisturizer, that's why, many skincare companies develop different types of moisturizer. salah satu moisturizer yang bagus banget untuk oily skin is the one i'm using now. It's the Hada Labo Ultimate Moisturizing Light Lotion. Formulanya bener-bener ringan tapi tetep moisturizing banget. Gak lengket sama sekali loh! bentuknya seperti air, cair gitu aja, jadinya cepet deh kulit ngeresepnya :)

Protect, protect. Indonesia itu negara yang cukup sering ya kena sinar matahari hahaha, jadi......wajib banget sih punya sunscreen. dulu aku samasekali gamau pake sunscreen karena setiap pake malah jerawatan. Lihat aja tekstur sunscreen yang tebel dan lengket, gimana gak jerawatan tuh kalo pake itu? tapi, gimana pun juga kita butuh loh sunscreen untuk ngelindungin kulit kita dari bahaya sinar matahari. Thank god i've found this superrrr duperr awesome sunscreen by Bless. walaupun SPFnya termasuk rendah, tapi sunscreen ini ringan banget dan gak bikin mukaku greasy. memang sih harus reapply setiap beberapa jam, but I think thats better than having pimples because of using it OR having hyperpigmentation and etc because of not using it.

to "seal the deal" aku selalu pake loose powder. Loose powder is lighter than pressed powder, jadi, lagi lagi ini gak menyebabkan aku jerawatan. Without powder, those creams and etc that we've layered up will not set in place.
I am using: Face On Face Loose Powder in Vanilla Beige
don't neglect your lips!dry lips are disgusting girls.
Jul 9, 2013

a beauty post: summer beauty 101

summer is all about fresh and simple colors. no need too much make up or else you'll look cakey, ew!
Here I'll show you some of my beauty tips for your summer vacation, so that you won't look like a clown in the middle of the beach :)
1. Cleanse, Moisturize & Protect 
To start off, ALWAYS cleanse your face! Cleansing your face will avoid irritation, break outs and also redness. So, grab your fave cleanser and wipe out all those yuckie germs out of your face!
For sensitive skin, I suggest you to use uber gentle cleanser that wont irritate your skin such as:

When you're done cleansing your face, don't forget to moisturize it and also protect your skin using your fave moisturizer and sunscreen. This part is really crucial and you don't want to skip it! unless....you want your skin to dry out and expirience the hyper pigmentation. ughh no way! :x

2. The Base

 For the base you have tons of choices, like using today's beauty bomb the BB cream, tinted moisturizer, liquid foundation, powder foundation,primer  or even to simply skip this step. now you might have a lot of choice here but you don't want to
 pick the wrong one or somehow your make up will melt right away under the sun! I personally suggest you to use the lightest product to avoid smudgy face at the end of the day. And dont forget to lock your base using high quality loose powder!

3. The eyes

Now let me tell you that the eyes are the key to successful or fail make up!
eye shadow:  keep it simple by using earthy, natural color. You don't want people to notice your eye shadow too much    
 as if you're going to a party.
*ps: don't forget to highlight your inner corners, it will instantly brighten up your eyes!
eye liner: don't over do it! remember, a little goes a loooong way :)
mascara: make sure it's waterproof and yes, you can use it as much or as less as you desire. anyway, don't forget to curl your lashes before you coat it with your mascara. this little step here is really gonna help you achieve that oh-so-flirty lashes!
brows: don't use extra dark dramatic brows. that look wont suit the beach day,dear. I suggest you to use angled brow brush and fill in your brows using brow powder. Sleek make up have this super cool brow kit that you can bring everywhere!
4. the cheeks&lips
okay so this part is really going to help you get that fresh sun kissed look. for the blush, a creamy blush will do. simply add a little amount of cream blush to your finger and apply it to your cheeks using circular motion. and my tip is don't use pink dolly cheek/lip color for this occasion. you want to keep it fresh and natural. orange,salmon color is the perfect choice :)  for sexy bronze look, obviously swipe some bronzer using a bronzer brush to your face. this will give you that healthy glowing summer skin! 

5. The hair


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