Oct 12, 2010

die schönen Modelle

I am so grateful for having these two amazing girls in my life. Meet my cousins, Q & Q ! :)

 this is arthur,our neighbor :):)

 a close up photo of qhansa:)
 hello doggies!:)

 what r u looking for aqiila?

  • stripe top:factory outlet
  • jeans legging: poins square
  • All necklaces: gift
  • All of wood bangles : Jogja & my sister's own
  • Floral dress: factory outlet
  • purple tights: mayestik
  • vintage vest:vintage found
  • yellow tank top: unbranded *easy found*
  • the shorts: actually it's my sister's jeans,but she cut it off and walla!!:)
  • the stone-d sandals: model's own
  • crocs? haha actually it was an accident. aqiila forgets to bring her heels and she wear her crocs:o
  • the back pack? toscano
  • nail polish : tammia
  • plaid shirt: mom's own
  • black skinny jeans: my sister's own
  • black pump heels: Zara

thanks for reading blog-luvos!


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