Jan 31, 2010

japanese dolls

this is super cute, i bought this " house cute maker " in China - village jakarta. this is super kawaii. really really love it. it's very cute with it's own kimono.and,as you can see those colors were so catchy. want that ,want that!!! and,FYI that's my rubiks cube.  just solved it by my self. thanks to muti and anggi ,not to forget youtube for teaching me solving that kinda things.

Jan 30, 2010

my self and fashion

i know its the first time I upload my own picture. duh,i have hundred of my picture in my pc. i love all of my style there. is it cute?or not. here's my  description about each style
on the 1st style i wore:
-black guess t-shirt
-patterned blazer (shh,it's my grandma's)
-purple keffiyeh = Qatar
-dark blue tights=U.S.A
-zara black pump heels = birthday present
-bow headband
-hot pants
on the 2nd style i wore:
-again black guess t-shirt
-red keffiyeh=Qatar
-black sling bag(forgot the brand)
-hot pants (the same one)
-blue tights (the same one)
on the 3rd style i wore:
-summer dress 
-purple cardigan
-fairy head bands
-red 80's sunglass
while Qhansa wears:
-baby doll dress 
-pink shawl
 on the 4th - 5th style i wore:
- plain powder-ish tank top
-green shawl
-stripe top  (its my mom's , and it's accent mom)
-again..... dark blue tights
while qhansa wore:
-safari dress(super kawaii)
-80's sunglass
-brown belt that's very cute

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cute dolls

these dolls were so cute,i found it in flickr.com .
they were japanese. beside they have a cute fashion
style. a chubby blushed cheek is key of beauty for them. plus, their brown hair that makes me cry, i want that kind of hair:(. as you can see plaid dress with pattern can be your next shopping list. there's some reason why you should have it:
1.it's so simple but so stylish
2. easy to find
3.SUPER comfortable
4.DUPER cute

for shoes why don't you try to look exactly like her,
use red flat shoes. red color is so 'catchy' ,it will attract someone to see your whole style.so lucky if one of your favorite magazine take your picture of you and nominate you as a super CUTE stylish girl.

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it's made for flats

flat shoes is awesome! very comfortable but still stylish. now,if you want to have a super cute flat shoes,click
you'll see a lot of flat shoes with reasonable price. beside,it's handmade.

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moschino cheap&chic

from the famous Italian brand MOSCHINO,they made a style called CHIP&CHIC that really makes me open my eyes. this is the cutest moschino style i've ever seen. thanks mr . Franco Moschino for making this brand.


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