Apr 28, 2010


I am in the mood for blogging !:'3

this is what i've create

well this is what i call a super tragic colorized tunic!!
hahaa my mom just bought it like years ago in a place(which i dont know ) for ied mubarak:)
and actually its my sister's ,but whatever although she's not home:s
and i mix it with a vintage bally shoe and purple tights . well,not my best project but i like the effects:)
hahaa done
Apr 19, 2010

summer splash

hey guys,REALLY,i miss my blog. and here it is:

what a lovely cottage in Bandung, aaaaah :)

Apr 12, 2010

for a while,Bye:)

dear all,i'm so sorry for not posting these days. duh, i'm not in the mood of blogging.i'm really sorry. right now,i'm going to focus on school.and cooking. but,it doesn't mean that i wont blogging forever. soon / late i'll post something amazing. and i promise(insyaAllah) after bandung trip this weekend,i'll post my outfits on my journey. i love you all,hope god gives me ideas to post. cause right now,really i'm BLANK!..so,bye

Apr 5, 2010

bye - bye

think that i'll miss all of you guys . cause i'm going to 

have block exam ,so i need to study a LOT!

well,that's not my hobby but,for best scores why not?

and i'm going to tell you that somethings happen 

between me and him,bye to him. well,really:"(

Apr 1, 2010

naturally vintage

khaki skirt:sister's own
sweet gladi:st.yves
all bangles:sister's own
bow head band:gift

i really don't know what to do in this summer,hmm,think that fresh floral will full fill this blog on April'10. just wait and see. don't forget,i'll always wait for ur comment;)

*:i'm SUPER FAT!!

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