May 9, 2010


 i was pretending to be nicky hilton but i can't, i was trying to be lindsay lohan but it's too hard. and i was wondering i'm selena gomez but i'm not that cute. and i decided to be my self. yeah!,it's comfortable and so much better. "do it your way guys!" don't you ever try to be somebody else. cause your soul will never lie to the environment. i used to try to be like "her",but it's so hard and killing me slowly. before i make this post,i imagine if i'm wearing a huge and outstanding outfit. but,it's 100% not my style. i prefer the simple and edgy one. i don't need dramatic make up and huge braid dress. cause what i need is loose top,tights,sun glasses,flats,and sling bag. that's easy to find and comfortable for your daily outfit. that's me,THE REAL ME. funky&edgy&SIMPLY:)
zebra loose:japanese bazaar
glasses:easy found
sling bag:from italy

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