Jul 22, 2010

smokey enough to be cool 8)

"i can't see the sky without my eyes, i can't love you if i don't know who you are"

striped tank top . warehouse
black shirt. mommy's
silver necklace.sister's
skinny jeans. easy found
flats shoes. the little thing she needs


take some rest but not too long:-D

hey guys!!ahaha today i'm going to post about my favorite style..mini summer dress!!yeaaph!thats simply cute right?mmm sometimes i think that mini dress is too girly,but whatever..i'm a girl too right?so lets see what's on my post:
hmm so that its so simple right?it's only a cotton mini [summer] dress and a super thin cardigan
it is comfortable yet stylish (Y).. and that heels?wow it gives you a natural glamour effect but you could also use a simple 'bali' sandals or whatever to make a different sense ;-)


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