Aug 29, 2010

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brand new.

hello guys, today is so wonderful, i'm so glad that i've renovate my blog. it's like since  5 months ago that i haven't got any templates that matches my heart. i'm so glad that blogger is now offering us free&cool templates for our beloved blog. after dressing up my blog(and check it out,i've made a new header image!) i'm also dressing up my self. today's outfit style is 'style revolution'. which means that we've changed. from average to best,from geek to edgy, from nerd to cool,and from useless clothes to useAble clothes. Take a look at my skirt. A long time ago i felt that it's such a wrong decision to buy that kind of skirt. First,it's brown.. it is a little bit hard to mix. And second, it's like a velvet textile that gave you a shiny effects if there's a light reflection. But, after rolling my head upside down, i found out that this skirt works well with a leopard
- winged top.And a little touch of sunglasses and vintage necklace+some traditional bangles you'll look so pretty. For a formal occasion use some heels, but if it's just for fun.. a flat could makes you feel more comfortable. If you don't want to make it too much,just use a khaki pouch/ mini bag.
here's some sneak peak:

sunglasses:unbranded, necklace:vintage found

bangles: Jogja-Malioboro street 

wallet: Javanese Store

brown shiny heels:St.Yves 

brown velvet skirt: @Bandung 

thanks for reading,have a great day
Aug 13, 2010


hello!today is a wonderful's sunny,fresh and full of happiness:-)and that's why i wanna share my happiness with you.I'm going to post about my jewelery collection,hopefully this could be your inspiration or something:D
yup!i'm in love with all of this things:-)

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