Sep 14, 2010

The Big Day

Morning People! Yeay,holiday,fresh air, lovely feeling, and so much hopes:)
Last Friday(10/9/10) was a very special day for moslems.Yup! it's Idul Fitri or eid mubarak:) I'm sorry if i have a mistakes on blogging or something,hehe. So, how do you do guys? me? i feel so good. I guess this time i don't have too much to say,cause i'm going to share some photos right now. And by the way i can't post photos with effects like before,because my laptop needs to be fix like a month or something. so i'm using the other one. But unfortunately i can't install adobe for this one,that's why i guess it will be a 'plain photo':(.

Family Time @ my grandma's (i'm the one who wear a red top+batik skirt)
me,sister,cousin(hehe i've turned my skirt into jeans:p)
foods everywhere, and this one is blueberry cheese cake:9
like always.... COOKIES!
a lovely gift
the yummy lays salmon teriyaki hehee:D
and wow! i'm such a fat!:(
hello new working space (hey cute kitty mouse,right?:p)
red loose top,the express. Batik skirt,Japanese bazaar. Skinny jeans,Colorbox 
hehee love u guys!
Sep 9, 2010

pause blogging

Sep 6, 2010

Old Photo Memories

In life, we have future that we should prepare. And,we also have past that gives us many life experience. We should study a lot to be the best, but we also need some time for relaxing & refreshing. Right now, i am going to share my old photos. Some of them were silly,funny,and cute. But some of them, sometime makes me cry. I hope you'll enjoy it people!(:

2009-Flora,Fauna & Fruit Expo, @cinere mall

2009-Swimming w/ Cousins,@Tavis swimming pool

2009-me&my sister,@ my daddy's car
Ied Mubarak 2009,@grandma's house :D

That's it guys, thank you for visiting&reading,bye..

Sep 4, 2010

Celebrity Post: Selena Gomez

Do you ever watch "wizards of waverly place?" 
if yes,then you must know this cute chubby girl:

isn't she beautiful inside and outside? gosh,i love her so much
Sep 2, 2010

Sakura Patterned Shirt

You guys,i cant believe it! it's almost Id Mubarak:) yaaay! i'm so glad that i haven't break my fasting. And i've got a new great idea for those who have a stylish mom. Actually, what i mean is not 'stylish' but mom with many patterned shirt. My mom has a lot of patterned shirt,and me as her beloved daughter use it as a new fashion trend. Wanna see what i've done?check this out:

Christian Dior white watch

Givenchy sling bag

Converse plaid sneakers,cotton pink

harem pants,unbranded

rose petals necklace,gift

Vintage sun glasses,gift

mommy's sakura shirt, Jennifer Moore
grey tank top,unbranded

"Never underestimate ur old clothes,someday,it will be ur new clothes again..
when the trend comes back"

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