Oct 31, 2010


HELLO ! well, guys i'm not the model on the post 'die schonen modelle'. But they're my cousins which I set them up as my models:p heehe and i'm not in the mood of joking right now cause i'm super duper tired!  yesterday I went to Bandung , and can you imagine? TRAFFIC JAM is killing me!! I spent most of my time inside my car just sitting next to my brother and having fun while actually we're 'almost dead'.
   But, over all i'm so sad about the disaster on Java & Sumatra these days.
On Java, there was a tragedy of another volcano erupts which have killed many peoples .
and in Sumatra, another tsunami has carry out a lot of people's house & life . I am so very sad :'( . 
yeah , well , hmm death? who knows ? soon or someday we will be died.  
   WOOHOO, talking about life makes me feel creepy :& hihihi. Okay, right now i'm just going to entertain you guys with my models again! hmm well just see and enjoy ! take a coffee and you're ready to go! :D

the hottest stiletto (model's own)
 a silk pattern maxi dress - hongkong 
 the stripe sheer top - mommy's own
 a triangle edgy laced necklace - made by kiara (DIY)
 the hot sailor shorts - model's own
 glamorous glittery shawl - mommy's own

 a brownie wedges - easy founds
 what a cute lips <3

 nice & young :)

 the summer stretch dress - gift

thankyou for reading:) submit ur comments ppl! <3 
loveu always!
Oct 12, 2010

die schönen Modelle

Being a photo model is what I want,but on every of my post?I guess I should find another models. And I do found one, a "package" of two beautiful girl which obsessed with photography and modeling. I Present you:

  • AQIILA PUTRIKAMI: a 13th year old girl,starting her day with her yellow lomo camera and now she's on her way to be a great photographer:)she's my cousin & also my school mate. gossiping? that's our job! hihi wanna know her deeper? go follow @aqiilaptrkm on twitter! hurry or it's going to explode!
  • QHANSA ANAKKAMI : a fantastic 6th grader girl. Nice legs, skinny pants,high heels and mini dress? that's her day. A Model-Shaped body is her big thing to be a model one day. And her body fits on every outfit(yeah..that's one of My dream actually-_-) our favorite weekend routine is to play on each other house. Yup! that was fun!:D and if you wanna know her deeper follow @qhansaankmi on twitter! NOW! 
and here's our photoshoots that taken on Saturday :

 this is arthur,our neighbor :):)

 a close up photo of qhansa:)
 hello doggies!:)

 what r u looking for aqiila?

  • stripe top:factory outlet
  • jeans legging: poins square
  • All necklaces: gift
  • All of wood bangles : Jogja & my sister's own
  • Floral dress: factory outlet
  • purple tights: mayestik
  • vintage vest:vintage found
  • yellow tank top: unbranded *easy found*
  • the shorts: actually it's my sister's jeans,but she cut it off and walla!!:)
  • the stone-d sandals: model's own
  • crocs? haha actually it was an accident. aqiila forgets to bring her heels and she wear her crocs:o
  • the back pack? toscano
  • nail polish : tammia
  • plaid shirt: mom's own
  • black skinny jeans: my sister's own
  • black pump heels: Zara

thanks for reading blog-luvos!


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