Dec 29, 2011

"shawl" we?

 catching flowers, birds , and.. hopes :')

Currently introducing the power of simplycity to the world. Umm what else should i write here?.. i guess it's just.. Happy New Year to all you guys! hoping next year will be better than before! lovelove.

creme top : Magnolia
knitted shawl : cascade
floral flats : TLTSN
sun glasses : ray ban
straw bag : malioboro street
shorts : connexion
 belt : unbranded
Dec 25, 2011

Christmas Eve

well, not much to say. .
Merry Christmas everyone! especially for those who celebrate it :) I really love listening to Christmas songs, and seeing the Christmas tree being decorated beautifully in the malls, and everywhere. I just love it!
Hoping this Xmas brings you Joy, Luck and Miracle . xoxo

red coat : Notations
jeans jumpsuit : Mooshe

Jul 30, 2011


i just bought two baby bunnies last July, and let me present you....

the white one is Bill , and the Dutch one is Jillian !

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