May 27, 2011


..exams,exams,yeaah it's really tiring! 

that's why i bought this gogirl magazine to make feel relax..
and i always prepare some snack on my desk,cause sometimes i feel hungry :)my 'fake' glasses is always with me whenever i study. i love wearing it even though actually i don't really need it. uyeah!
and one more IMPORTANT information that i've got my Adobe Photoshop back!! yeay:)
okay , i guess that's enough. bye guys. 

May 20, 2011

a summer worker

Just got my 'blog mood' back! yippie! :)

 i love the aromatherapy my auntie just gave me.. :)
 karliqua dress
 toscano sling bag
 my sister's bangle collection

 mommy's white wedges
 the close-up :P
even though it's not the 'trend' anymore, i'm still in love with leopard prints :)
May 16, 2011

not a fashion post.

soooo guys, i'm not going to post about fashion this time..hehehe:p I just wanna share some stories to you guys. wanna know?wanna know?
hmm,let's see..
i've been using my old template for a long long time,that's why I did a little "face lift" on this blog. I changed the template, gadgets, and ..yeah I deleted the blog header {or the tittle image}. I feel my blog is more fresh,clean and bright. And I also like the way it looks, simple&perfect :). do you guys like it??

do you guys know that i'm a BIG fan of Rianti Carwright? and my dream is to meet her face-to-face? don't you guys know that I really like the way she talks? and have you guys know that I MET HER LAST APRIL?! ...
YUPPP! my heart beats faster then before, my mouth can't talk, my eyes are full of tears of joy(hahaha too much :D)...that's what i felt when i met her!! we were in the same mall that night, Paris Van Java,Bandung. and I took some pictures with her. Oooh yeah,she has a true inside and outside beauty

gaaaaah I ♥ her!:D

you guys know that I haven't post about fashion until now,right?actually I WANT to,but something inside my heart doesn't let me to do that. I don't know why everytime I wanted to blog and do my fashion spread, I'm LAZY! hmm by the way,talking about "lazy" kinda reminds me of Bruno Mars' song "The Lazy Song". I love it! so good to hear!:)

i've passed my "rabbit freak","make up addict", "fashion passion" phases. and now....i'm on the "spa obsession" phase. hehehe i don't know why I REALLY wanted to go to a spa salon these days. I feel like I need some relaxation massage,body scrub,and yeaaaah those aromatherapy makes me wanna sleep . *zzzzzz* do you guys have any recommendation for me?i mean a recommendation of a great spa in Jakarta:) thanks btw!

hahaha i've never called my self "freak" before. but this time...yeah i'm a freak! I really want to adopt a new baby bunny. BUT, this will happen hmm like .. on the next FEW months. whatever, at least I WILL get the bunny!:D
May 11, 2011

An Apology

dear my blog readers,
i'm so sorry for not updating my blog on the last 5's because of my school exam schedule (which is so tight) and i haven't got any inspiration&mood to post on my blog. i promise you guys that i will post something good later. by the way i've got a problem with my photo editing program,that's why i'm still working out to find the new one.

thankyou so much for your attention guys:)

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