Jun 8, 2011

the big post

my top-cotton on, qhansa's jumpsuit-gift
pink stripe flats-The little thing she needs, polka flats-wondershoe

a door to heaven

my owl necklace

i just love this pictures, soft &girly :)
qhansa's collection & preparation

donatello ankle boots
make up by me
gaudi patterned top

my D.I.Y statement necklace
a Bali sling bag
Heritage turqoise skinny jeans
Top-bought at malaysia, outer- flea market
donatello shoes

onto headphone
qhansa's bangle collection

like i said before, I promised you guys that i'll make a post about Qhansa& Aqiila . and this IS the post i've been talking about. see?it's all about them hehe:):) so now i'm going to talk about Aqiila first.
as you know,she's the one who photographed on some of my posts. such as the 'dear Diary' post:) really great shots right? and she's my cousin too! yeaah haha thank god i've got a super talented cousins like her &also her sister;D
her hobby,hmm i guess it's .. having fun? well i'm not really sure about that! but for me she's a crazy & super fun girl. she has a twitter (which you MUST follow!) @Aqiilaptrkm ,and also formspring here.She's really kind,that's why maybe if you want to ask her something,just ask then :)
and next, i'm going to tell you about her younger sister called Qhansa which has a long leg and skinny body, yepp that's why i often use her as my beloved model:) hehee i love the way she poses,its just ...hmm naturally fabulous! and if you know her deeper,you'll see how crazy she is! but,in the same time she's really really kind and easy going:D she also has a twitter account (which you MUST follow too!) @Qhansaankmi . unfortunately she doesn't have formspring.me :( .


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