Dec 29, 2012

hi, I'm back:)

(there's something wrong with my blogger time&date, it's already 29/12 guys)
courtesy of

 it's a picture of me and my best friends at Prambanan Temple, 2011. 
we're no longer in one school now since it's senior highschool and yes 3 of us moved to another school.
 I miss them so much :( 


wear them with :

Givenchy handbagThe Cambridge Satchel Company handbag
Michael Kors shoulder bagLongchamp tote bag

And yes there's a lot of Maybelline up there but I am NOT endorsing,promoting or anything:)

if you guys have been wondering why I didn't post anything for one year it's probably because these factors:
  1. TONS of school assignments & tests
  2. I'm currently figuring out what's my passion and yes the answer is . . . 60% cooking and 40% fashion. well, I love both but I guess I prefer Culinary future like,chef? (Amen!)
  3. I'm still confused about what should I post in this blog. So, just so you know that I am DIGGING for inspiration everyday. like .."what should I post" "what outfit should I wear" "what's the best way to make the photo interesting" and etc.
  4. too lazy to blog! :P
and btw. .


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