Jun 23, 2014


My FAVE top from this collection!
Look at the beautiful details, SO in love with it!!
Super cute tea party
These dresses are  NOT the All about rose collection
With Kak Nadissa from PT. Mitra Adi Perkasa
Super fresh & light no makeup, makeup

So, last Saturday I went to  Dorothy Perkins store in Central Park because I was invited to come to their tea party as a celebration of the launch of their new collection called "All About Rose". Personally, I think that this collection is so pretty and girly and so fresh in the same time. I love all of the tops and dresses and skirts they made and like we all know, Dorothy Perkins never dissapoint us. It is all well made and ugh its just way too pretty. Thanks again Dorothy Perkins for inviting me!

And I also have a new video up on my channel! Check it out :)

Jun 12, 2014

Summer Days

To me, personally, summer is all about fun activities. You can go out to the beach or go somewhere beautiful with your family, or probably you rather stay at home and watch movies and just enjoy the holiday that way? why not ? :)
an another tutorial I made for this summer! Hope you'll like it :)

Anyway, I am entering a contest with my best friend.  Please Help me LIKE this pic,every single LIKE matters! and If you do LIKE this pic, I wanna say thank you very very much I hope that god bless you :)
The link: https://secure.mramagazines.com/facebook/kilaufoxs/gallery/profile/421-jasmine

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Summer Nights


 The best things in life are actually the simplest ones. Having a quality time with your family is surely one of the best things yet it is actually so simple. Just hanging out together, talking,laughing and sharing stories would make great memories. I had a super fun quality time with my family last week, well, now you can tell that I have lovely cousins right? lol!

My Japanese Project with my class!


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